VidMate – Frequently asked questions ( FAQ )

Here are some of the main frequently asked question about vidmate apk. We hope that all the major topics are covered in this section and we have done our best to provide the accurate solution to the questions. We will keep updating the questions and their solutions as soon as any problem arises.

Frequently asked questions

Q. Where can I download the official app of vidmate?

A. Download the official vidmate app from the given link – Vidmate apk

Q. Which country Developed vidmate?

A. The creation of the Vidmate app is claimed by many countries but it was originally developed in INDIA.

Q. Which is better Vidmate or snaptube?

A. Vidmate is far better than snaptube in many cases, you can look into the features of vidmate for more details.

Q. Why vidmate is not working? or stopped working.

A. Vidmate is stopped working due to its memory is full or the slow internet connectivity. Clear the cache of the app and restart the app the app might just work fine.

Q. Why vidmate is removed from play store?

A. Vidmate was never added to play store so there is no chance that this amazing site is removed from play store.

Q. Can Vidmate download Youtube videos?

A. Not only youtube, it can download videos from any internet platform in the world.

Q. Which is the official Website of vidmate?

A. The official app of vidmate is

Q. Why can’t I Install the vidmate app on my iOS device?

A. Vidmate app is not officially released for the iOS device but there are many ways in which you can download the vidmate app for iOS.

Q. Can the vidmate app be used on Jio Phone?

A. Vidmate app can be used on Jio Phone 2 but not on Jio Phone 1.

Features Of Vidmate APK

  • The Supersonic speed of this app allows you to download videos Faster than the browser.
  • Very user’s friendly interface with the easy search procedure.
  • Various formats can be chosen if the video is non-YouTube. It becomes very easy to choose the site with different format and size.
  • Download YouTube videos in any format.
  • By default, Vidmate comes with the trusted sites to download videos so no worry of any virus.
  • It saves your time from searching the sites.
  • All types of videos, audios, music videos, movies, TV serials from Bollywood and Hollywood are available to download on your android device.
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